Lead Safety

  • Do not track dirt or soil into your home
  • Remove your shoes at the door
  • Use door mats
  • Run water in the morning for at least 3-5 minutes before drinking or cooking
  • Wash all fruits and vegetables thoroughly
  • Exposed soil may be contaminated with lead and should be tested
  • Use raised plant beds
  • Cover exposed soil with mulch, gravel, or seed to grow grass
  • Don't plant food next to chipping and peeling paint
  • Plant grass to cover bare dirt if you have a yard
  • Plant thorny bushes to limit access to painted surfaces
  • For more info on lead in soil and gardening, visit:
Home Improvement
  • avoid projects that may disturb lead paint, or use a certified contractor
  • Wet wash window sills, wells, and flat surfaces regularly to reduce lead dust
  • Use disposable towels when cleaning and rinse surfaces at least twice
  • Do not dry scrape or sand blast paint
  • Wash children's hands and toys often with warm soap and water
  • Wash children's outdoor toys and porch surfaces
  • Keep children away from flaking and peeling paint
  • Do not let small children play in the dirt
  • Do not let children play inside window wells
  • Always place babies and infants on clean blankets
  • We suggest children between 1-6 get tested twice a year for lead exposure, at least once in the summer months
  • Make sure children have a diet high in calcium and iron